Travel by Torchlight

Maybe you go wwoofing, maybe you take part in agriventure, maybe you just like working in a country so you can really experience its people and culture. Maybe, like me, you just have a ridiculous dream of shearing sheep in Italy one day. So you are one of those people who go on working holidays?

Whatever shape your working holiday takes, what starts as a fun job can sometimes lose its appeal if monotonous and solitary. This is what Working by Torchlight tries to combat, or at least alleviate. So if picking cheeries in New Zealand has lost its appeal, threshing rice in Sri Lanka has become boring, or you need to take your mind off being up to your knees in water in a rice paddy in Thailand the job can be made pleasant and fun again.

The way to defeat boredom is quite simple.


Not with your nose stuck in a book of course, but with your ears. Listen to an audiobook. Pick a book that you would like to read, find the audiobook version and read all day while you are milking cows, or whatever.

I have tried to lead by example; the posts on this blog show what a diverse range of books can be read while doing a diverse range of jobs. For me listening to music only helps so much, while I find podcasts are too short. However stories, novels, fiction, non-fiction, whatever books appeal to you can be used to make you enjoy that job again.

If you are one of us who, by listening to audiobooks, reads while working, it would be great to hear from you. Take this guy for example.

Or maybe you just listened to Twilight while waiting for that flight, ferry, taxi or bus. Maybe, you listen to audiobooks on long haul flights like this chap recommends. Whatever the book you listened to, whatever the activity you were doing, it would be great to include your experience on this blog. See the contact details.