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This is a blog about reading while working. This is not a blog that reviews books, or, to be more exact, audiobooks. Plenty of folk review audiobooks. Either an author’s writing is good enough to read, a narrator’s voice is good enough to listen to, or they are not.

This is a blog that documents what a diverse range of books can be “read” while doing a fairly diverse range of jobs. With any luck, this will encourage people who do not think they have an opportunity to read literature to “read” as much as folk who are raging literary snobs.

My situation ensures that I must spend a lot of time doing fairly menial, although I like to think by no means ignoble, work. This physical work can be, in fact it almost always is, extremely rewarding. However, after a week, or two, or three, what had been a pleasant job for one hour can become extremely unpleasant. The longer the job, the more repetitious the job, the more unpleasant it can become.

This is where books can make all the difference. Obviously reading while working is impossible. However it is quite possible, depending on the job, to listen to a book being read. In doing this, I have a unique perspective, the particular job I am doing often influences my interpretation of the particular book I am reading.

I love books in hard copy, I always have. I would always sit down with a book in my lap rather than listen to one being read. The problem is that it is not always possible to sit down.

About the Title

“Working by Torchlight” is a reference to The Torchlight List: Around the world in 200 Books (Awa Press, Wellington, New Zealand, 2010) by Jim Flynn.

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My name is Kit. I am a farm labourer. I live on an island in the South Pacific.