A desperate search for wealth

by Kit Munro

…it is far. But there is no journey upon this earth that a man may not make if he sets his heart to it. There is nothing, Umbopa, that he cannot do, there are no mountains he may not climb, there are no deserts he cannot cross, save a mountain and a desert of which you are spared the knowledge, if love leads him and he holds his life in his hands counting it as nothing, ready to keep it or lose it as Heaven above may order.

H Rider Haggard

The hogget shearing is done finally. After being held up by rain we got there in the end. The young sheep are now all shorn, every one. It will be a nervous few weeks until they have grown enough wool to be able to cope with cold weather. Until then they are kept in sheltered paddocks, with plenty of trees, so they can escape the elements.

So once again from this…

…to this

Punctuated with lots of these:

In keeping with my Victorian swash-buckling theme I moved on to listening to King Solomon’s Mines by H Rider Haggard. The story is kind of like Erewhon by Samuel Butler, but with less jurisprudence.

Alllan Quartamain is a great sort of hero. A chap who has nothing going for him except being a great hunter and an even better shot. Not that I am a huge fan of hunting myself but you can appreciate his stoicism:

It is a hard thing when one has shot sixty-five lions or more, as I have in the course of my life, that the sixty-sixth should chew your leg like a quid of tobacco. It breaks the routine of the thing, and putting other considerations aside, I am an orderly man and don’t like that.

I found my copy of King Solomon’s Mines by H Rider Haggard here. If anyone knows of another place this audiobook is available please let me know in the comments below.