One job that is just too much fun for an audiobook

by Kit Munro

There are a few jobs on the farm that I cannot do while listening to audiobooks. Some jobs are simply too dangerous. Some jobs require too much thought to allow for concentrating on an audiobook. However, there are a very few jobs I cannot listen to audiobooks while doing them because the jobs are just too much fun. Mustering sheep is one of these fun jobs. So no audiobook today, just chasing sheep. Today is just a boring photo record of getting the sheep in…

The sheep waiting to be mustered.

The truck heading back after dropping Misty and me off.

The sheep mobbed up.

Going through the first gate.

Getting them down to the head of the lake.

Misty waiting for instructions.

Letting the sheep string out next to the lake. Can’t push them too much here. If they crowd too tightly they can fall into the lake. Fishing a sodden wooly sheep out of the water is not fun. Imagine a sponge that kicks and weighs 70 kilos. That is only one. If half a dozen fall in…

The last one to go through the last gate

In the yards with Misty in action.

And finally in the yards. With one slightly muddy.